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A blend of locally milled organic bread flour and ancient grains. This is a rustic loaf with lovely crust and a creamy crumb. 100% naturally leavened. Recommended uses: toasted with salted butter. cut into big chunks and dunked into spaghetti bolognese or your favorite soup. avocado toast. toasted gourmet sandwich. grilled cheese. Grilled and topped with olive oil.
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25% Whole GrainOrganic Sprouted Whole WheatOrganic Sprouted Rye85% Hydration950 grams
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20% Organic Sprouted Whole WheatAppalachian Maple SyrupDried CranberriesToasted PecansOrange Zest...
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Our same Challah you've come to love in an easy and sliceable loaf pan.
100% Naturally Leavened and Made with 2 Ancient Grains 
Organic All Purpose Flour
Organic Hand Bo...

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