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Douglas grew up in NYC two floors above Hot and Crusty, a neighborhood bakery. Bread, bagels, English muffins and crumb cake were foundational elements of his childhood.

Kaitlin is an artist who began making sourdough bread in 2017 with her friend Nina. Like everything else she creates, her bread captures just a small taste of her zest for life.

A normal day in the Rose house involves getting a little too excited about what we’re having for dinner, deciding together which naturally leavened bread to pair it with and then collaborating to bring it to life. If you hear yelling coming from our table, don’t be alarmed, it’s just how we express excitement over a bite of perfectly buttered bread.

All six of us can’t wait for you to try Team Rose Bread

Doug, Kait, Noa, Benz, Sam, Robby


Are we a little crazy? Maybe.

But if you’re business partner is wild yeast, I guess you have to be a little crazy. 
Here’s where our bread shop dreams began.


Is bread good for me?

Yes and No. It depends on the bread you eat. Team Rose Breads are naturally leavened with wild yeast and made with organic bread flour and ancient grains.

Most bread is commercially yeasted with rapid fermentation and made with commercial wheat, which is a hybridized modern wheat. This type of wheat is dwarfed for efficiency and mono-cropped in big fields with no diversity. Breads made in this style cause blood sugar to spike, offer very little nutrients and are hard for the gut to digest because of insufficient fermentation.

Why did you start a cottage bakery in your house, are you crazy?

The simple answer to this question is, Yes…but if you’re business partner is wild yeast, I guess you have to be a little crazy.

We built our cottage bakery for two main reasons - to foster connection within our home and build community with our neighbors. 

Have you always wanted to be bakers?

Doug grew up dreaming of playing for the Yankees and Kaitlin dreamed of one day being a marine biologist. 

Why team rose bread?

In order to make this Bread Shop thrive, it’s going to take all six of us collaborating / working together /sharing responsibility and having fun together. And because we love the idea of a team with room for you. We want everyone to feel welcome at Team Rose Bread. 

How does the subscription work?

First determine if you want to pick up your bread or have it delivered -then sign up via our website for a one month or three month subscription and pick the breads you want each week. Simple as that. 

Can I pick the bread up?

Yes. We love it when customers pop by to pick up their bread!

Do you deliver?

Yes! Our initial delivery radius is 2.5 miles and we look forward to expanding that soon!

Do you sell in stores work with wholesalers?

Our first priority is serving our neighbors. If you are a retailer and would like to discuss partnering, we would love to discuss.

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