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About Us

Douglas grew up in NYC two floors above Hot and Crusty, a neighborhood bakery. Bread, bagels, English muffins and crumb cake were foundational elements of his childhood.

Kaitlin is an artist who began making sourdough bread in 2017 with her friend Nina. Like everything else she creates, her bread makes everyone who experiences it a little happier.

A normal day in the Rose house involves getting a little too excited about homemade __________ (fill in the blank), deciding together which naturally leavened bread to pair it with and then collaborating to bring it to life. If you hear yelling coming from our dinner table, don’t be alarmed, it’s just how we express excitement over a perfect bite of buttered bread.

All six of us can’t wait .for you to try Team Rose Bread

Doug, Kait, Noa, Benz, Sam, Robby

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